We have finally decided to write about new places in Belgrade which have popped up in the last few months. Regardless of the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the city of Belgrade is richer by a few cool places that might be worth your time.

So, let’s kick off with:

Hotel Beograd Coffee Shop

Savski Venac municipality is richer for another great coffee shop. On the ground floor of the historic Hotel Beograd, a tiny, but the cozy cafeteria is opened a while ago. Nicely designed, in a mix of a modern and Balkan style, this cafeteria offers a variety of coffee beverages, but also cocktails and Rakia shots. Next to serving drinks, it has its own (sweet) bread production.

So, if you prefer Berlin-like cafeterias, where you sit in a tiny space, or just stand outside and have your coffee do not hesitate to drop by.


A new gallery named Kula (Tower) is opened in the Cetinjska bar district. The gallery stands in the tower of the former BIP brewery and spreads on several levels. Here you can get a sense of the urban culture of Belgrade and see some artworks from local and regional artists.
The transformation of the former industrial space is nicely done. The gallery stands as a genuine place and makes it interesting for visitors. Doors are open from the afternoon only.

Majstor & Margarita

Majstor & Margarita (Eng. Master and Margarita) is a must-visit pizzeria that has recently moved to Vuka Kardzica St. Next to the vibrant atmosphere, Majstor & Margarita serves the finest pizza in town. Our favorites are the vegetarian pizza, pizza with pistachio and mortadella, and a sweet pizza with Nutella (yes, this is a must-try).
If you visit this place don’t hesitate to order “house wine”!

Silosi, Belgrade


Another unique place has been opened in the Lower Dorcol neighborhood, on the Danube riverfront. The old silo has been transformed into a multifunctional space with an outdoor and indoor bar and a gallery. As well, if you are a street art aficionado do not hesitate to put this venue on your itinerary.
Besides the unique location and industrial and arty vibe, Silosi can be a great choice for drinking, catching some established local DJs, and meeting friendly Belgradians.

Photo credits@KC Dorcol

KC Dorcol

Culture Center Dorcol or KC Dorcol is a brand new place that has also popped up in the Lower Dorcol. It stands among the blocks of concrete skyscrapers (there are interesting pieces of street art that can be discovered in their surroundings). This cozy space has a bar which makes it perfect for drinking coffee during the day, but also a DJ stand and a separate room that works as a gallery.