Beograd grafiti RAGE 045 EDIT

Čuvaj se psa (Beware the dog)/Rage/Vračar

Vračar is a residential neighborhood of Belgrade located close to a city center. Next to municipalities of Stari grad and Savski venac, Vračar creates the central area of the city. It is known by cool bars, cafeterias and fancy restaurants situated in old villas, but also by high real estate prices, old and beautiful architecture, National library, the biggest orthodox temple in the Balkans “Sveti Sava”, artisan settlement called Gradić Pejton, museum of Nikola Tesla and among other things by street art.  

Beograd grafiti Spanac 007 EDIT                                                               Ja sam mali Španac (I’am a little Spaniard)/Vračar

                             Beograd grafiti Artez 043 EDIT
                                                                          Sirena(The Siren)/Artez/Vračar
                          Beogradski grafiti - komunizam dolazi EDIT
                                                           Komunizam dolazi (Communism is coming)/Vračar
                         Beograd grafiti 808 EDIT

Teška industrija (Heavy industry)/M City/Kneza Miloša

Photos by Aleksandar Djordjević.

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