kondenz festival


KONDENZ 2013, Festival of contemporary dance and contemporary performing arts presents a variety of performances by authors coming from Serbia and several other environments, facing numerous challenges which have become a constitutive part of the festival itself. Since its beginning in 2008, KONDENZ in each edition absorbed production (non)conditions of its critical and experiment-oriented programme and production format, offering to the audience, often by including the audience, new forms of festival production, art expression and direct acting in the field of culture and society.

This time, KONDENZ requestions principle of counting: how many of us have stayed, how may of us have gone, how many of us are interested in requestioning, how many dinars are needed…

Thanks to the cultural policy of many countries and organisations who are interested to support and promote their artists and their work, KONDENZ succeeded in bringing several performances which treat the issues and problems of social constitution, communication within it, as well as consequential conditions of art and culture production, well known in this environment. On the other side, enthusiasm of the organisers– collaborators of Station Service for contemporary dance and local artists and their commitment to preserve spaces for critical action in the field of contemporary performing arts, made possible presentation of two Station’s productions.

Closure of the Festival will be devoted to counting of the audience, interested public-participants and to mapping of KONDENZ and Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, our venue, as (ir)relevant places on the Belgrade cultural scene.

More information about authors and performances you can find on http://kondenz2013.blogspot.se

To enter to all performances please look for the angelic KONDENZ catalogue which contains tickets for the performances.

Tickets price is 200,00 dinars.