These shoes are made for walking

From the 31st of May (opening at 8pm) till 6th June Cultural Center Grad is organizing exhibition of shoes. Inspired by the great creative potential which we faced on daily basis through various projects, exhibitions and regular meetings with a large number of artists, we decided to organize two exhibitions during 2013 and to present what is happening in this country (and beyond) when it comes to footwear.

As for Helsinki is known to have an incredible number of hairdressers, so Belgrade boasts a large number of shoe stores. But what we can see when it comes to our designers, artists, collectors and craftsmen , we will show to you in the Big gallery of KC Grad.

budislava  kekovic shoes

To design and produce item that is indispensable detail of our daily lives and in the same time not to forget about comfort, ergonomics and actuality, is not easy objective. That is why the number of artists and craftsmen involved in footwear is significantly lower than those dealing with clothes and fashion accessories.

Our attention was reasonably attracted by authors who courageously and persistently develop their collections and successfully obtain on the scene. The exhibition will present collections designed and produced or collected by: Budislava Keković, Smiyla, Milena Hrastnik Pavle Nećakov, Nataša Čakić Simić, Milica Marinković and others.