18/01/2014 to 08/02/2014

Opening of the exhibition will be held in the gallery Hub 12 at 7 p.m, from 9.30 p.m. Indoor Skate Session – Studio in Žorža Klemensoa 10, 6th Floor (fluo door)

Special Guest Stars on the Opening

Good Bob Miloshevic

avant-prog shitgaze and post-noise hack attack

MC Matija & Anando Nikolić


Art behind the closed doors – Racković is inviting audience to come and join him at his crib from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. every evening during the exhibition



Raško Milatović, Vladimir Miloradović, Miloš Pavlović, Srđan Veljović, Milan Popović, Dejan Jovanović, Stevan Vuković…


Curatorial-production team: Milica Pekić, Miroslav Karić, Saša Janjić, Jelena Piljić


Nenad Racković’s long-time work has made him the symbol of Belgrade art scene. Incorporated into the urban structure of the city, Racković intervenes in different subcultures that have alternated in time, from rock en roll underground to the modern clubbing and skate culture. From the position of rebellion and refusal to the imposed values in conflict with social norms, whether they were colored with nationalism and the destruction of the 90s or consumerist wave of capitalist society last decade, Racković own appearance, body and life transformation creates situations that induce an alternative space for individual liberty. Performances, events, situations, objects, novels, films, videos, collages, skating around the city are just some of the many strategies of Nenad Racković’s action. The exhibition “Wild in the Street”, which opens the Gallery 12 HUB program season in 2014, will comprise the material emerged in the last few years, including the fluorescent objects and installations, the artist’s living space turned into a background image of the artist’s consciousness and also collaborative works that are showing the potential of the artist in the role of the incubator of social networks – not just those that develop in the virtual space, but the alternative social networks that artist generate in the daily life of the city. – Milica Pekić


Author’s Biography:


Nenad Racković was born in 1967. His solo exhibitions are: Ordinacija # 3, Inex Film, Belgrade , 2012; Nenad Racković – Lord of The Hardcore, Blok gallery in Belgrade, 2010; Sadomasochist from the depths of the grave, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2009; Nation of Satan, live act, Džoni Racković & Bob Milošević + DJ Ewox Remont gallery, Belgrade, 2007; Shizomania/Transformance, O3one gallery, Belgrade, 2005; Kolekcija’97, 1997, Made in Hell, 2000 and Retrospective 1983-2003, DOB Gallery Belgrade, Superstar, Belgrade Cultural Center Gallery, 1994; exhibition Transfrontum, 1985 Vanum – towards a global black, 1986, Gods of the Plague, 1989; Techno Metalika Tatoo, 1991; Geometrica – Ageometric, 1998, Totem of Goli Otok tribe (performance), 2005, Total Destruction, 2008, the Gallery of Student Cultural Center; Nekrofagija, Happy Gallery of SKC, in 1991.


His group exhibitions are: October Salon : 1993, 1995, 2001, 2007, Time Paradoxes, Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2000, Gallery of DOB 1995-2004, 2004; Mikropol 2004 and Border-Disorder, 2005, Gallery of Student Cultural Center Beograd, On Normality, Art in Serbia 1989-2001, Museum of Contemporary art in Belgrade, 2005; Funkshion. Art, Music, Fashion, Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003; Art- Garden, 1994; View on the Wall, 1996 Cinema Rex, Belgrade.


He has acted in theater (Saint Nick, Nicholas Edward Cave – Life and Relationship, Bitef, 1992) and in films (The Fall of Rock and Roll, 1988, The Black Bomber, 1992, Last Dada Performance, 1992, Marble Ass, 1995, We are not angels 3, 2008, Art of Fart, 2011), he was the leader of the shows Heartbeat and the Drug Mafia on B92 Radio, and he wrote a novel (Aspirin, 2002, recipe book, 2002, indomitable story, 2006, the Four Seasons, 2014).