Would you like to visit the hipster neighborhoods and districts in Belgrade? Hip, cool and hidden former industrial zones, street art, murals, independent art galleries, coffee shops, local bars, artisan ice cream shops, design shops and concept stores and restaurants? How about trying a local craft beer? Or just maybe a scoop of a delicious artisan ice cream?

Be a local not a tourist! 

If you enjoy all of the above , this is an ideal walking tour for you! 

– lasts from 2 to 4 hours (we are very flexible and open for your suggestions)

– walking tour

– available in English and Serbian

– price:

More than 2 people-2000 dinars  per person

2 people- 2000 dinars per person for  2 hour tour , 3000 dinars per person (private VIP tour) for 3-4 hours mixed tour  (Creative & Hipster tour)

1 person- 2000 dinars for 2 hour tour, 4000 dinars (private VIP tour) from 3-4 hours mixed tour (Creative & Hipster tour)

– additional costs such as, food, shopping, tickets are not included in the price

– you get one free drink or artisan ice cream 

– you can book a tour whenever you want, there are no precise schedules to follow

– make a reservation by sending an email to  stillinbelgradetours@gmail.com


Sneak peak at: 


Belgrad – Weekendguide till min nya favoritstad i Europa

Dorcol- Industrial zone

Hipster sightseeing i Belgrad


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