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Since, the fashion and the textile industry are one of the most polluting, unethical and wasteful industries on the planet, the discussion of its social and environmental impacts need to be heightened.

Regarding pollution, the facts are quite worrying.  Worldwide, cotton, one the main fabrics used in the textile industry is the fourth most genetically modified crop produced in the world. Furthermore, the industry is a gigantic water consumer: you need between 10,000 and 20,000 liters of water to make one kilogram of cotton (that’s the weight of about two pairs of jeans). The increasing use of synthetic materials to make our clothes causes great environmental pollution, as they release micro-plastics in the ocean when washed, on top of being made out of oil to start with. Aside from that around 8,000 different chemicals are used in the various textile production processes. Most textiles are manufactured in poor countries all around the world, including Serbia, where employees work in very low environmental and social conditions. 12 hour days, low wages, and child labor are common amongst the factories that produce textile.

The 2nd edition of Fashion Sustainability Day @ Belgrade Fashion Week is an event made to highlight those issues but also to make strategic solutions and proposals for innovations in the fashion business in order to make it more sustainable and Eco-friendly.

The one-day program dedicated to sustainability in fashion will be held on Monday, October 28, as a part of Perwoll Fashion Week – and it includes the Round table on Fashion Sustainability Policies in Serbia, F.fm Quick Chat – panel on sustainability in Serbia and EXPO of Sustainable Brands.


Fair Fashion Dialogue– round table on improving public policies in the Serbian fashion industry
12:00-14:00 h, Privredna komora Srbije, Resavska 13
  Moderator: Nataša Gligorijević, Centar za održivi razvoj Srbije  

F.fm Quick Chat – panel discussion on sustainability in Serbian fashion/textile industry
17:30 – 19:00 h Francuski kulturni centar, Zmaj Jovina 11
Govore: Ana Ostojić, Fashion Editor ELLE Srbija, Marija Ratković, activist street brand DechkoTzar   
Moderators: Marija Radaković i Dunja Jovanović, F.fm podcast

EXPO – sales fair of local, sustainable brands
20:00 – 22:00 h, Nova Iskra Dorćol, Cara Uroša 18
Brands: Wholly Wear, Kota, Acid, Kokanit, Cozy Wear, SHASH, Daire, Remake, DEFI, DechkoTzar, Socks PAAR, Lovers, Milunka Clothing, PAR Theory of Two, Mikke, CherryPie, Maj Maj

Organization of FASHION SUSTAINABILITY DAY: Nataša Gligorijević, Center for sustainable development of Serbia (CORS); Dunja Jovanović and Marija Radaković, F.fm podcast – the first radio show in the Balkan region dedicated to sustainability in fashion