We are welcoming you to Clubbing TV Adria launch party! This is a first collaboration between Drugstore Club and Clubbing TV Adria. We will enjoy the echoes of music banging through the massive walls of the cathedral played by two KristianS, Bayer and Molnar, and miss Tijana T.

Party will take place on Friday, March 17th starting from 11 pm in the Drugstore. Find more info on FB event.

Âme is a forefront German DJ/production house duo consisted of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer. Our special guest in Drugstore will be one of them – Kristian Beyer!

They have been working together since 2003 when they met in Karlsruhe bonding over Detroit techno and Chicago house above everything else, and since 2005 they’ve been running the collective/label Innervisions with Dixon. The first soulful dancefloor anthem that conquered the scene was “Rej”, but many other came along…

Through a decade of work Âme have created a versatile and overreaching approach to dance music. Fusing seemingly disparate influences together without being attached to particular patterns or methods, they manage to move through dance music’s history in sets with unmatched DJ abilities. We can point out one stylistic aspect of their work that is distinctive – their preference for orchestral instrumentations and composition that is deconstructed and enmeshed in vintage synth tones and spectral vocal samples.

Ame is regular at Fabric /London, Berghain /Berlin, Robert Johnson /Frankfurt, Lux /Lisbon, Trouw /Amsterdam, Air /Tokyo and now you will have a special opportunity to experience Kristian Beyer’s music in Drugstore/Belgrade!

Tijana T

Tijana T has been working since the early 00’s on numerous influential TV and radio music programs, she was recognized as the face of Exit festival and since 2006 has an international performing career. Her skills have brought her from Belgrade to Berlin, New York, Ibiza and back. She is the first Serbian to play the legendary Balearic party at Space Ibiza and in 2014 she had her debut DJ set at Berlin’s infamous Berghain/Panoramabar, as well as her first Boiler Room session, debut at New York’s Output Club and more international tour dates hitting Portugal, France, US, Germany and the cool Croatian coast-line classic Dimensions festival. Energetic DJ mixes, charismatic presence, sophisticated selection of house, techno and beyond and slick mixing skills quickly brought this lady under the spotlight.

Kristijan Molnar

The story of Christallization Radio Show and its host Kristijan Molnar began as a humble idea to promote fresh electronic music to radio listeners in Serbia. The uniqueness of the radio show and Kristijan’s profound voice, which echoes through the airwaves, creates two charismatic elements which would be unimaginable one without the other. During the course of the past four years, Kristijan has succeeded in bringing to light the latest and upcoming trends in electronic music, as well as promoting acclaimed international and domestic artists through numerous guest mixes and interviews. Whether its disco, Chicago house, deep techno, new wave, funk or soul, Christallization Radio Show broadcasts the music of the future through a fusion of dance music rhythms coming straight from worn out dance floors all around the world.