Atrium Gallery in the Belgrade City Library ( BGB ) presents an exhibition of artistic photography by Mitar Trninić titled  Researchers : portraits of archaeologists. 23 classic black-and- white portraits of researchers , our most famous archaeologist will be on display: Garašanin, Srejović, Brukner, Popović, etc……

Portraits of  archaeologists are recorded in environments that best fit their work and personality and complement the atmosphere. They are the bearers, heads of archaeological research projects . Trninić is posing as a photographer who carries the authentic atmosphere , working environment and character  of the portraits of photographed personalities .

Exhibition will be held until the 10th of March.

After graduating from the famous Prague Academy of Film and Photography , Mitar worked as a film and theater photographer . From 2002 to 2012 he was a professor of Photography at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade .