Music reactions party organization is hosting Kalden Bess on the 12th of September at KPTM in Lower Dorcol. He is a DJ who will play at REACT 2 Promo party at club KPTM promoting the main event, which will happen on the 7th of October. The main event will take place in the club Drugstore where the special guest star I hate Models will share the decks with up-and-coming DJ Clara Cuve and eminent American DJ and producer Ambivalent and RAR- the resident of React party serial. Find links here: React 2 promo party and  React 2 main event . 

Kalden Bess –this DJ/producer, earlier know as m0h, real name is Khaled Bessioud and he’s born in Canada, in Montreal. At this time he’s resident of Paris. Kalden is the founder and owner of Ground Factory Records label on which he published his tracks along side names as: Pig&DanSamuel L SessionD.Diggler and others. Kalden has published his tracks on many established labels in the past 18 years, the ones most renowned ones are:Trapez ltdAnalytictrail Rec and Phobique on which you can also find tracks from artists like: Paco OsunaJoseph CapriatiLuigi MadonnaSasha Carassi, Eric Sneo, Rino CerroneJerome Sydenham etc. Kalden is currently working on his new album and touring the world with UNDERHERproject, on which he’s collaborating with talented musician/producer Jessica Abruzzese.

I Hate Models (ARTS) – at this moment definitely the most exciting techno DJ/producer coming from France. In the past two years he’s proving himself as one of the most eminent producers on ARTS records label. He tries to not limit himself to a specific genre, exploring all electronic universes, with an artistic line based on the expression of melancholia and intense emotions, his music can be characterized by a showdown between – Love and Hate, Darkness and Light.

Clara Cuvé (Voxnox Records) – extremely talented 22 year old DJ/producer resident of Berlin, born in Munich. Clara’s talent didn’t went unnoticed in her home town where legendary DJ Hell supported her at the beggining of her career. From then and there she’s developing her own style, collecting records and playing a mix between dark techno and emotional harmonies.

RAR (Music Reactions) – one of the founders of Music Reactionsorganization. He’s name is Rajko Ristanovic and he started collecting records back in ’99 when he also started DJ-ing and making music. At the beginning of 2000’s, during “second techno wave” in Belgrade, he was a part of Poems Music organization (along side two friends – Miloš Drobnjaković and 33.10.3402) when they generated a lot of attention performing and organizing underground techno parties in Belgrade clubs. He’s against “framing” music historically and by genre. In his sets you can hear tracks in range from techno detroit classics full of harmonies and broken beats, to contemporary minimal techno.