Selah Sue, the Belgian singer and songwriter who has captivated the global stage with her distinctive voice and authentic expression, is coming to Belgrade as part of the Musicology Sessions concert series. The concert will take place on June 22nd, promising an evening filled with emotion, energy, and an unforgettable performance.

Photo credits@Robert Antal at Gigxels

Despite her delicate and gentle appearance with porcelain skin and blue eyes, Selah has always leaned towards Afro-American music and artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Meshell Ndegeocello. Her debut album has achieved massive success worldwide, featuring standout hits such as “This World,” “Raggamuffin,” “Crazy Vibes,” and the duet with Cee Lo Green, “Please.” Selah will also present songs from her new and highly acclaimed album “Persona,” which has already won the hearts of fans around the globe.

Musicology continues to support young artists from Serbia this season, providing them with a platform to showcase their music. The opening act for Selah Sue will be the young singer-songwriter MISH, who incorporates elements of hip-hop, jazz, and drum & bass genres.

With her album “Persona,” Selah Sue takes us on a journey through the various aspects of her personality, exploring her own identity. The Belgian singer is on a mission to understand herself more deeply through songs that are both honest and enlightening, marking a triumphant return after a break of several years. This album, which has already received numerous accolades, represents a fresh artistic beginning for Selah Sue while remaining a faithful reflection of her core expression. Her music, which blends elements of soul, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B, touches the depths of the soul, simultaneously encouraging the audience to dance and introspect.

At the concert in Belgrade, Selah Sue will bring her rich repertoire, featuring the biggest hits from her previous albums as well as new songs.

How do you feel about returning to the stage after a break of several years?

It feels fantastic. Taking a break allows you to process everything and think about the next step, which makes returning to the stage even sweeter when you see that people are still interested in your performance. I think it’s never been better on stage than it is now. I feel much more confident. We have three backing vocalists, and an amazing new band, and the performance ranges from intimate guitar playing to large hip-hop productions with lots of dancing, choreography, and video footage. It’s my way of thanking the people who buy tickets. When I was younger, I would just show my emotions on stage, but now I’m determined to give the best performance I can. I have more confidence and more appreciation for how wonderful it is to have this job, so I’m very happy.

During this break, you also became a mother of two children. How do you find the balance between parenthood and your artistic career?

It’s like a puzzle. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that’s true. I’ve been fortunate and grateful to have my own “village.” I have a nanny who takes care of the kids while we’re on tour, and sometimes I take the kids with me. My partner, who is a keyboardist in the band, and I raise the kids together. This allows us to live this kind of life because we have many people who help us. My kids are now five and seven years old and they enjoy having musicians as parents. They love going on tours with us and they love this life, so far, everything is going well. Of course, it’s very exhausting and sometimes challenging to ensure the kids have proper care at the right time. It’s not easy to mentally switch from the stage to parenting because they are two completely different roles. It takes time to adjust, but I think it’s the same for many mothers and parents.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration for your new album “Persona” and how it relates to your evolution?

“Persona” is based on the therapy I practice called “voice dialogue.” It’s a way to accept all the different aspects of your personality because we play many roles. On the album, each song is dedicated to one of these personas. We have a mother, a melancholic person who appears twice a day, a lover, a philosopher… The goal is to try to accept and embrace all these different personas, and that was a big inspiration for this new album. Confident personas are represented by some pop sounds, while the melancholic person is represented by intimate guitars.

You were last in Belgrade in 2015. What would you like to say to our audience and what new things can they expect?

I can’t wait to see you all again. I think it will be great. The show is ten times better now in comparison to what it was before. I finally know what suits me the best. I have three backing vocalists with me on stage, we dance, and we have great video footage which makes me much more confident on stage. I have much more gratitude and love for the audience and my entire team, therefore, I’ll give my best to make sure you feel that love.

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