Damjan Loš (Damjan the Bad) is the first Serbian gay rapper. “Don’t touch my Faggots”  is the title of his first single. The lyrics are quite provocative and responsive to a threats of the homophobs. His first single already has around 50. 000 views on the YouTube website and it has caused much controversy.

“I am constantly making up different melodies, lyrics, whether they are a joke or real. At first I thought of making dance music, because I just love fast cadence but then I realized that hip-hop is the best choice. I’ve decided that this would be my expression. Now, there are a lot of  negative comments out there. People say that I am a crappy rapper  but I don’t care for this is only my first single. I will do my best in the future.”

Maybe you will like his music style or maybe you will hate it but one thing  is for sure – the guy really has balls for doing something like this in Serbia !!!