The famous German filmmaker Veit Helmer will present a selection of his short films in Cultural Centre Grad on the 8th of June at 8 pmThese short films present the essence of the director’s recognisable style marked by an extraordinary visual stylisation and a humour with the twist. His films have been shown at all major festivals, such as Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Sundance, where he was altogether internationally awarded more than 300 times.

All of the short films have been made without dialogues, following the quote of Alfred Hitchcock:
“When we tell a story in cinema we should resort to dialogue only when it’s impossible to do otherwise … and, whenever possible, to rely more on the visual than on the dialogue.”

The films have been shot in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Bangladesh.
After film screenings, Veit Helmer will discuss with the publics the specifies of his directing style and the obstacles of shooting films. Filmmaker Stefan Arsenijević will moderate the discussion.

„The Windowwasher“ (8 Min.)
„Surprise!“ (6 Min.)
„Dogs Life” (8 Min.)
„Georgian Summer“ (8 min.)
“Caspian Bride” (8 min.)
„Uzbek Express“ (7 Min.)
“Dushanbe with love” (8 min.)