Belgrade is known for its drinks and party culture. We therefore give you a list of several new clubs and cocktail bars that we often visit.


Kaste is a newly open cocktail bar situated in the building next to McDonald’s at Slavija square.  Its interesting industrial vintage style and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails makes it a brand new must visit spot in Belgrade.

Address: 4 Deligradska St. 11000 Belgrade 


Belgrade’s standard when it comes to drinking cocktails. It’s a small but well known cocktail bar located in Francuska Street in Dorcol neighborhood. Bartenders are award winners and experts in mixing drinks and creating brand new types of flavors.

Address: 59 Kralja Petra St. 11000 Belgrade 



Another Belgrade’s standard when it comes to the cocktail offer. We recommend visitors to speak with bartenders and discover new pleasant types of cocktails. If you are a cocktail drinker this place will definitely meet your expectations.

Address: 4 Kralja Milutina St. 11000 Belgrade 


Lift is a new place situated in the bar district of Cetinjska street, also known as Dorcolmala. It is right across bar Dvoristance and it hosts local DJs starting from Vlada Russ to Banda Panda duo. It’s a nice place for having a beer and warming up before you go clubbing.

Address: 15 Cetinjska St. 11000 Belgrade 


Our new favorite Dorcol bar is located in Skadarska St. It has a lovely interior design, pretty good selection of drinks and plays proper electronic music. A nice place to grab a glass of Hennessy cognac or a bottle of Mexican beer Sol.

Address: 40  Skadarska St. 11000 Belgrade 

BAR 20/44 

Bar 20/44 is a younger brother of the renowned club which holds the same name. It is located next to Kaldrma bar in a bohemian quarter Skadarlija. You can drop by any time to grab a beer, or some delicious bites or just show your moves on the dance floor. The majority of DJs and bands are locals well known as the residents of the 20/44 boat. Music ranges from disco and funky to house and techno.

Address: 40 b Skadarska St. 11000 Belgrade 


Tinny, but trendy club located in Savamala, in the basement of Mladost-Ludost club cluster. Parties often take place from Thursday to Saturday and it tends to be very crowded. The crowd are people usually 20+.  Music is oriented towards house, deep and techno. It usually hosts local DJs, but in addition Gadost offers “special” nights bringing international DJs and producers to Belgrade.

Address: 44 Karadjordjeva St. 11000 Belgrade 


A new place, situated on the last floor of the Mladost-Ludost club cluster. Regardless of using the same building in Savamala, clubs Gajba and Gadost are very much different when it comes to the crowd-concept, music selection and interior design. Currently, Gajba is one of the nicest clubs in the city when it comes to interior design and selection of furniture. Crowd is a bit more serious, let’s say 30+.

 Address: 44 Karadjordjeva St. 11000 Belgrade 

CLUB 100 

Last but not the least in our selection – club 100. This club is located just around the corner of the aforementioned clubs Gadost and Gajba. Music selection is oriented towards deep house and disco and it has a dress code you will need to follow if you want to get inside. The interior design of the club looks very nice but its tinny space can accommodate only 100 people.

Address: 8 Brace Krsmanovica St. 11000 Belgrade 

Put something nice and fancy on and enjoy your night out!

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