With the arrival of spring, Jet Set Bar has launched a new season of cocktails dedicated to cinematography: from Chaplin to Kurosawa, from silent films to the golden age of Hollywood, European, and Japanese classics.

Head bartender Evgenije Klimenko has crafted nine themed cocktails, ranging from Rašomona, a Japanese-style highball inspired by the 1950 film “Rashomon” by Akira Kurosawa, to King Koga: a 1933 horror adventure presented in the format of a Tiki cocktail. Also on the seasonal menu is the light La Dolce Vita with a citrus base and a hint of wine marmalade as decoration; strong and spicy Some Like It Hot — a twist on the Manhattan with cocoa and chili bourbon, simultaneously paying homage to the cult film starring Marilyn Monroe. And, for example, Casablanca, a variation of the Sgroppino with mango sorbet and sparkling wine. The Yugoslav film “Love and Fashion” is honored with a cocktail styled after the classic Aviation: chamomile gin, bergamot, and violet liqueurs, lemon, and grapefruit foam.

In the menu by Jet Set chef Andrej Balahnov, the connection with cinematic masterpieces continues. He was again inspired by the film “Love and Fashion,” but in the form of an airy dessert, consisting of lime mousse, raspberry sorbet, popcorn crumble, passion fruit, blood orange, and cotton candy. An example of Japanese laconicism is the roast beef sandwich on brioche, salmon tartare with pineapple and pear, dedicated to Charlie Chaplin and silent films: its shape is literally in the form of “limelight” (a reference to the 1952 film “Limelight”), with pronounced acidity and black and white sauce. And, of course, the Jet Set team is particularly inspired by Italian cuisine — almost as much as Juliette Masina inspired Federico Fellini, so, on the menu, we also have a tribute to her — beef carpaccio with crispy mushrooms, capers, and goat cheese.

In addition to signature cocktails, the selection of chosen classics has been updated, now including “XX Century,” “Mary Pickford,” and other story-driven cocktails. For those seeking a more interesting non-alcoholic alternative than lemonade, the menu offers non-alcoholic versions of Pina Colada, Bellini, and Porn Star Martini with non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

If the first season of Jet Set’s cocktail theater was dedicated to Paris and the roaring 1920s, the content would now be related to film. Live music and DJ sets on the theme of cinematography are planned, as well as, for example, a prize draw for the Oscars on Sunday, March 10th. Additionally, the menu now features wine served at the Oscars ceremony — Clarendelle Inspiré par Haut Brion. Jet Set’s artistic director, Jovan Stamatović-Karić, has conceived themed parties for April and May with a dress code inspired by classic films. The From Chaplin to Kurosawa season will last until the end of spring.

Svetogorska, 17