Feel the spirit of Yugoslavia with Yugotour

The Yugotour is a ride through the history of socialist Belgrade, once the capital of Yugoslavia. The guests will get to know everything about its leader Tito, the daily life in this interesting state, the impressive architecture, the Yugo-car and the breakdown of Yugoslavia.


The guests will be driven around in a classic Yugo car by their English-speaking driver / guide. The tour will mainly take place in New Belgrade, but will also include some bombed ministries and a visit to the mausoleum of Tito in the old part of town.

The tour will last about 3 hours  and each car fits up to three people.

The following stops are included:

  • Staro Sajmiste (former concentration camp)
  • Friendship Park
  • SIV (former government building of Yugoslavia)
  • Hotel Yugoslavia
  • Genex Tower
  • Sava Centar
  • Mausoleum of Tito

The Yugotour tends to tell the complete story of the rise and fall of Yugoslavia in an entertaining way. Not a boring sightseeing ride, but an exciting tour through the city, with several stops and lots of interaction.

For any information, questions or bookings please contact us at info@yugotour.com or by phone at +381669008386


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