In a city where more than 50% of the population are avid smokers, it’s difficult to find non-smoking places. In order to assist our readers and visitors to locate non-smoking places in Belgrade, we have created this pocket-sized guide.


This genuine eatery and bar serve exclusively breakfast and brunch.  Bloom is tucked on the corner of Visnjiceva and Gospodar Jevremova Streets in Dorcol historical. It’s open every day from 8 am to 6 pm, except on the weekend when the doors open at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Breakfast at Bloom

Here you can eat varieties of egg-inspired meals and salads almost through the entire day. The place is usually packed, and there are a few tables for sitting outside. Here one can eat super delicious meals at affordable prices, drink local wine and a coffee with hazelnut milk, and enjoy the pleasant interior.


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Apropo is one of the finest and the coziest teahouses in town. It’s also a bookstore and a great place to find some fresh contemporary authors, have a cup of hot tea, and eat a cookie. Visitors should have in mind that this unique bookstore stands in the very heart of the old town!


Moritz Ise


It all started with the ice cream brand called Moritz Eis, founded by an Austrian entrepreneur and a mogul of marketing –Moritz. This small scale producer is based in Serbia and it produces limited quantities of 100% organic ice cream made of local fruits and vegetables. After their promising start, their founder expanded his business and established a chain of ice cream shops in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Chile, and Romania. Moritz Eis ice cream parlor offers a wide range of flavors, from traditional ones to mouthwatering mixtures such as dark chocolate and candied fruit jelly, cherry and yogurt, Viennese mochaorange, and ginger, etc…Ice creams are exquisite in taste and additive-free.


oriental breakfast Belgrade
Oriental breakfast at Smokvica


Smokvica is a Belgrade hot spot. The restaurant is situated in a historic building, in the heart of Dorćol. Smokvica consists of an indoor restaurant and a small, but charming garden located between two historical buildings. It offers really delicious food, wine, local beer, cocktails, and various desserts.  The interior is designed to resemble the inside of the house with a dining room. The non-smoking room is on the ground floor.


Photo credits@Veza facebook page


The first vegan and low waste bar in Belgrade stands in Donji Dorcol (Eng. Lower Dorcol) in Venizelosova st. In this cozy place called VeZa vegans can have a meal, drink a local craft beer and grab a coffee. Veza is also suitable for working on a laptop.


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