Welcome to Belgrade’s neighborhood of Vracar. Historical and residential area which houses hip restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars, coffee shops and culture assets. Our pocket-sized insider’s guide takes you to the most interesting places that recently popped up.

miamiam restaurant


Miamiam is as we like to call it “a tinny piece of culinary paradise”. This very unpretentious place, with its outdoor seating overlooking the Temple of Saint Sava and a cozy pet friendly interior will definitely meet your expectations. Miamiam offers a fusion of flavors, yet not in a show-off style, but more in an authentic local ‘food porn’ style. Our favorites are Veggie fritters with chickpea and Blueberry sauce and Almond-dried apricot stuffed chicken. A new menu has been introduced recently. We are looking forward to tasting Rump steak with salsa verde, fried dumplings, butter with black pepper and chard.

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Pivo&Kobaja is a gastro pub located behind the temple of Saint Sava. The interior design is a mix of Serbian and Bavarian style. Different brands of light and dark draft beer are on offer together with the house specialties: Bavarian and Serbian sausages, safalada, spicy sausage and other. If you like sausages, beer, live music and crowded places don’t hesitate to drop by.

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bacio gelato


Popular pastry and ice cream parlor stands in 1a Njegoseva St. near Cvetni Trg and Student Cultural Centre. It is famous for their delicious creamy Italian and French gelato, mouth-watering cakes, chic tiramisu and different kinds of cookies. The parlor was founded back in 2009 and since then it has enjoyed a reputation of one of the finest ice cream shops in Belgrade selling ice-cream with less than 8% of fat, a truly special Italian recipe.

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kultura bar


Kultura bar is a Belgrade standard when it comes to the cocktail offer. With its chic interior design and truly knowledgeable bartenders mixing premium quality drinks, Kultura stands out from other bars. Our favorite is spicy cocktail with Tabasco sauce and sour cocktail with egg white foam and cinnamon. We recommend visitors to speak with bartenders and discover these new types of cocktails. If you are a cocktail drinker this place will definitely meet your expectations. Since the bar is tinny don’t forget to make reservations.

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Vracar’s hidden gem Potkovica stands in 20 Goldsvortijeva St. It looks like a typical Serbian kafana (wooden tables with checkered tablecloth), but has a certain twist. Horse meat is the specialty of the house. We would recommend sausages made of horse meat, horse meat stake and horse tartar beefsteak. Meat stake is made of 500 grams of horse meat. Culinary specialties are full of proteins and truly delicious. As a side dish gourmands can taste a Serbian-style salad or a spicy pepper. The restaurant is a bit secluded, you won’t find a sign pointing you out to the entrance, or a Facebook page, but it’s familiar to locals and we warmly recommend it.

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