17th May-14th June 

Opening of the art exhibition “Trespassing” will take place on the 17th of May at 8pm. Series of photographs created by Norwegian artist Ole Brodersen will be exhibit until the 14th of June, at the Street gallery in Belgrade.

The series “Trespassing” explores encounters between human and nature. Human-made objects are placed into a landscape, where their interactions with the natural elements are recorded. 

Forces of wind, currents and waves are harnessed and the unfoldings in these encounters are recorded; how nature composes and rearranges these objects. The process involves a large format camera and often long exposures. With this kind of a camera, there is no possibility to see exactly what fills the frame at the moment of exposure. Once the shot has been set up, there is little control over the final image.

The choice of materials for these interventions is indicative. Using mostly found materials, like rope, old sail-cloth, and nails, which are joined by other, somewhat “lesser” materials like Styrofoam, LED-lights and rubber balloons. These fragments are tracing out a human presence, one that is systematically lacking in these series.

The title of each individual photograph is simply a list of materials that can be found in (or outside) the frame. They read like a list of components out of which these devices are constructed. The purpose of these objects is to allow for nature‘s gestures to appear.

Vladimir Novosel


About Ole Brodersen

Following 10 generations before me, I grew up on an island-society without cars. Son of a sail maker, grandson of a captain. My garden was my kindergarten, with my mother as my teacher. I used to row to school, which was situated on the neighboring island, where I was joined by the only other pupil in my class of two. I first started sailing at the age of six, and have spent most of my life close to the ocean, in constant company of the elements.

I was further exposed to this testing proximity of elements when circumnavigating the Atlantic Ocean. Accompanied by a few close friends, aboard a wooden sailboat built in 1894, and at the mercy of elements for a year we led a life in elemental enclosure. Despite my rather ironic fear of breaking waves, the ocean will always be dear to me.

I am educated as an art director from one of the top 10 creative schools in the world. I recently finished assisting the fine-art photographer Dag Alveng (represented at amongst others the MOMA and the Metropolitan.) I am currently situated in Lyngør, Norway, where I am working on my next project.