The heat is on! Starting from June onwards high temperatures are expected in Belgrade. However, this should not prevent us to enjoy city life and immerse in the beauty that summer brings. Next to conventional summer venues like Ada Island and the Sava and Danube riverfronts, we would like to suggest a few other options. So, let’s kick off with the first part of the summer guide.

Museum of Yugoslav History

As you have probably noticed locals prefer seating outdoors whether in a secluded and nicely designed summer garden or in the tiny yards on the sidewalks. For this summer we would suggest a Piknik (Picnic) organized by the Kisobran collective, or a similar event organized by the Museum of Yugoslav History in Senjak. The Piknik event takes place in of the most stunning venues in Belgrade and gathers really cool crowd. All you need to do is to bring a blanket and sun cream. Music selection often includes local DJs and drinks and food that can be purchased at the spot. Of cause, you can bring your own bottle of wine and glasses and enjoy like a boss 😉

Wine Garden, Photo

Another suggestion would be a super interesting wine event called the Wine Garden in Botanicka Basta Jevremovac (Botanical garden) that stands in the old town, that is, in the city centre. All you need to do is to find a scheduled wine event online and purchase a ticket. With a ticket, you are able to try all wines from different Serbian regions and catch some nice classical music and other music genres. You will probably try some small bites of chees and sausages from different parts of the country. Our favorite wine is a sparkling rose which tastes like something between champagne and a regular rose. Definitely, this classy event is a must-visit!

As well, the Jazz in the Garden Festival is taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of July in Botanicka Basta. More info is available here.

Kordinta Street & Coffe Vibes. Photo credits@ Kordinata FB page & Dragana Kostica

Our third suggestion would be to make a reservation or just drop by for a brunch in a newly opened kiosk in Zemunska Pijaca (Zemun market). This kiosk is closed in the afternoon, so brunch time would be a perfect choice. In Zemuska pijaca, you will find an interesting fine dining food concept in Kordinata, while in Palmoticeva you can find Hawaii-inspired street food Pono Poke.

Photos from the New Belgrade & Zemun Bike tour (visiting Dogma) and Kafograf (Dorcol)

We would also like to mention tiny cafe shops where you can sit on the sidewalk and sip your coffee like Fuka (kiosk that also stands in Zemun market), Coffee Vibes on the square next to the church in Zemun, Kafograf, and Kiosk in Dorcol. For additional refreshments, we would suggest cold beer in craft breweries Dogma and Docker brewery and a beer garden.

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