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HOMA BISTRO- a cozy feeling in a classy environment

Homa Bistro in Vračar has a comforting and welcoming feeling when you enter it. Once you have been there, you want to return to it, as if you miss home. This feeling is even stronger when you try breakfast there. Every morning from 9:00-12:30 they serve breakfast for a fixed price (5 euros). During the weekends, they offer a breakfast buffet, also from 9:00-12:30. I have tried their buffet, and it was a lovely, and delicious experience. 

breakfast belgrade

The humble buffet has many delectable offerings. The waiters are ready to help with any changes and requests. Their cappuccino is one of the best I have tried in town, which is always a good thing to know. I also really love the visually calming effect I get from their cotton decor on the tables. Homa Bistro, is just a pleasure!


KLIKER (DORCOL PLATZ) – a family friendly atmosphere with a playground and a courtyard

Having two kids, I get super excited when I see places that make it easier for parents to come to. Dorcol Platz is one of those delightful places I can come to have breakfast with my family. The place has a big courtyard, around which there are cafes, bars, restaurants and a market. Igraonica Kliker, is a wonderful place for families with younger kids. It has a good sized indoor playground, and they serve a breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 til 13:00. It’s a delight to grab what you would like to eat, order a cup of coffee and go sit in the courtyard while your kids play happily in a safe and fun environment. 

My kids are a bit too big for the indoor playground, but that doesn’t stop them from trying it out. The colorful slide, a basketball hoop and the hanging clouds are just too enticing. However, the fun does not end there. The main attraction here is the actual courtyard – Dorcol Platz. With beautifully painted colorful walls, a big space to run around in, and a ping-pong table makes this place a funky and a fun place to hang out in. The food is also good with some effort put into healthy choices. Our kids enjoy the little sandwiches and bread with jams, while I love their coffee!

Location (currently looking for a new location, 2021)

MIAMIAM – a place with Indian flavors and a diverse breakfast

I have dined in Miamiam many times because they have one thing that is different from other places in Vracar, which is their connection to Indian flavors. A good friend of mine, Simy Mathew, a notable cook of Indian food in Belgrade, has introduced me to Miamiam in the winter when she was the guest cook at the restaurant. After that delicious first encounter, I have been to the place many more times for other Indian food events. Recently however, I have gone there for breakfast, as it came to my attention that they have breakfast meals in their daily menu. 

From sweet to salty, they have many wonderful choices to pick from. I personally loved the waffle with fruits and the omelette made with egg whites. Miamiam has a fun interior with shimmering and exotic light fixtures and a few tables out in the fresh air. They recently added summer drinks to their menu. Refreshing, colorful, and flavorful, they are also a component of the restaurant that sets them apart from other places where the lemonade and freshly squeezed juice is the usual set of drinks.


Tavus is an expat in Belgrade who is on the look out for fun tours, delicious food and kid-friendly places and events in Serbia. She has a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Early Childhood Education. Aside from teaching, she enjoys taking pictures, writing and traveling. Instagram @Tavus