It’s our pleasure to invite you to the exhibition opening of ICELAND IN BELGRADE supported by Icelandair, the national aviation company of Iceland. The idea behind the exhibition is the need to showcase the inspirational culture and nature of Iceland, as well as to give an opportunity to the visitors to get acquainted with the offers and the conduct of business od Icelands’ aviation company. 

The multimedia content of this exhibition depicts the key segments of several sites, among which there are already well-known in the tourism world. Through photos and video, artist Katarina Simović points to various parts of the island landscape and how the combination of natural preconditions enabled the formation of various forms of relief and a large number of natural phenomena that make this remote and isolated island an irresistible tourist attraction.

About artist:

Katarina Simović has studied Serbian literature and language at University of Belgrade. She is engaged in photography for the last five years, and her first solo exhibition in Belgrade was in 2017 under the title “Art of raw”.

Through her work, Katarina deals with the existential issue of women in the 21st century, but also explores different areas of photography and video. You can see her works on:

About Icelandair:

Icelandair is a transatlantic airline with decades of experience under its belt. Iceland’s unique position in the middle of the Atlantic makes it the ideal hub for an extensive flight network linking Europe and North America, and passengers can enjoy a Stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare.

The Icelandair network is constantly growing and in 2018 six new destinations have been added: Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dublin, Kansas City, and San Francisco.
In 2018 Icelandair also began the complete renewal of its fleet, with the first Boeing 737 MAX flying from April. A total of 16 MAX will be added to the fleet over the next few years. These revolutionary aircraft are more environmentally friendly and offer a totally enhanced passenger experience – a new way of flying.

Icelandair offers a broad range of fare classes and amenities for tailor-made travels. There is a selection of Economy fares aimed at the comfort-seeking leisure traveler and budget business traveler. For those looking for a little pampering, Saga Premium offers extra comfort and services to ensure a most relaxing and enjoyable flight.

Venue: KC Grad