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While en route to discover the downtown Belgrade remember that Damar truffle shop is just round the corner of Skadarlija Bohemian quarter, tucked away in Zetska alley. If you walk around this quarter of Dorcol historical you can sense the fragrance of fresh truffles coming from this tiny peculiar shop that offers variety of products made with the most luxurious mushrooms.

damar tartufi shop

Truffles are known worldwide for their exceptional taste and extremely intense and specific scent. With extremely high nutritional values, the world’s gastronomes cannot agree on whether this mushroom is spice or food, but many certainly agree on its aphrodisiac qualities. This mysterious mushroom is rare and has a specific flavor which can easily transfer to any food.

Truffles are found underneath the earth, at a depth of 5-50 centimeters, by well-trained dogs, wild boars and even bears. In Serbia, Labradors or Lagoto romagnoli are most often used to discover the natural habitat of truffles. 

damar tartufi

They have been used in nutrition since the ancient times, in Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and Imperial Rome and according to the legend truffles were considered ‘the food of the Gods’ invisible for humans. They have become widespread in the 19th century Serbia during the rule of King Milan Obrenovic, when they were widely served on the court menu.

truffle shop belgrade

Since 1991, around 200 truffle sites were discovered in Serbia among which are 13 types of truffles, including the most famous and expensive white truffle. These luxurious mushrooms are found along the Sava or Mlava River and their nutritional qualities are equal to those of the Alba white truffles. After many years of tireless work, company Damar truffles has succeeded in raising the awareness on Serbian truffles internationally, but also in setting the quality standards for the Damar truffle.

Damar truffle shop is an ideal place if you are looking for unique gifts or if you are a lover of delicate flavours. Treat yourself with wine, cheese and chocolates with truffles or other gift packs!!!

The truffle shop includes a tasting salon with a capacity of up to 20 seats, where you can enjoy in tasting and education with friends or business partners.

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Tasting contains:

  • a glass of wine with truffles
  • cow cheese with truffles
  • truffles and olives spread
  •  truffles and champignons spread
  • truffle carpaccio
  • pralines with truffles
  •  honey with truffles.
  •  Ajvar (pepper-based condiment from Serbia) with truffles
truffle shop belgrade

At the price of RSD 1.200 per person. Enjoyment in bites is accompanied by a video presentation, while pleasant staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.