citam citas festival

Festival ‘’Čitam-Čitas’’ 

Books exchange on Kosancicev venac .

The second Book Festival.  Citam-Citas will be held on 21st and 22nd of June at the spot of the former National Library of Serbia on Kosančićev Venac in Belgrade. The festival will be opened by Mile Prodanovic, Serbian writer and painter, and diverse  program will take place from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m.

The main activity of the ‘’Citam-Citas’’ festival is interchange of used, already read books. Visitors can expect number of activities and workshops that are focused on the books and literature.

As part of the music program at the festival  Mario Valent, Ivica, Jesenji Orkestar  Horkestar, string quartet- Felix Art and the youngest students of music schools will perform. During the evening, a group named ‘’Poezin’’ will perform a slam poetry.  Also, visitors will have opportunity to see an exhibition of photographs that,previous , have been shortlisted for a photo contest on the theme of books. The winners will be announced at the closing of the festival. Young writers from the  “Black sheep” magazine will read their papers, and visitors will have the opportunity to see the best poems created by linking book titles.

For the youngest visitors will be organized the workshop “Take a look at the amazing world of Little Prince” and the workshops organized by children’s playroom “Cvrcak i mrav” where children will have the opportunity to make books of different materials and illustrate their favorite fairy tales.

During the workshop, “Celebrities reading: Citam ti-Citas mi” figures from the cultural field will read to visitors, passages from their favorite books. One part of Museum of books and travel from Belgrade will be exhibited on festival. In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to see the best poems that have been incurred by sorting a book titles.

Festival ‘’Citam-Citas” aims for preservation, rehabilitation and popularization of books and the culture of reading. The festival is for the second time held at the place of  National Library of Serbia on Kosančićev Venac in Belgrade, thereby is a symbolically revitalizes and restores that area as the center from which  spreads a culture. During the whole year the festival organization team carried out activities such as: visits to primary and secondary schools, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, mini-book exchanges, donation of books in public spaces or public transport etc.

The organizers of the festival are students of art history Đođević Tanja, Tijana Zebić, Kristina Grebenar and Mirjana Jemović, graduate art historian.

The festival is implemented within the activities of non-governmental, non-profit, nonpartisan association of Europa Nostra Serbia, also, with the support of Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the National Library of Serbia.