For the first time in history two films centered around the same topic have been nominated for César awards (France’s very own version of the Oscars). The two biopics attracted the favor of the Academy due to their focus on the personal life of Yves Saint Laurent, a man who revolutionized women’s fashion. Anxiety, drugs and romance prevail in both as they seek to examine Saint Laurent’s genius but also his demons.

Fashion is well and truly present in both films. “Yves Saint Laurent” by Jalil Lespert traces the beginnings of the young designer, presenting the turning point of his career designing at French fashion house Dior in 1958. “Saint Laurent” by Bertran Bonello conversely picks up at the height of his career and focuses far more on his tumultuous relationships and muses.

STYLIGHT have created a unique infographic outlining the contrasts and similarities between the two biopics so you can brush up on your YSL knowledge before the exhibition makes it’s way to London!