Mokrin house is  an urban co-operative  retreat in a rural part of Serbia, based in Mokrin village in  the northern part of  the country called Vojvodina. As more companies are tuning into the benefits of the co-working movement, work retreats offer a welcome opportunity for both newcomers and experienced individuals ‘to get away from it all’ and get some much-needed inspiration.

The majority of people imagine these retreats to be on tropical islands, yet as the concept has taken off  quickly , there are now getaways being offered in ever more unusual places. Guests are welcome to explore the landscape in rural Serbia whilst also gaining insight into potential local and international collaborations.

mokrin house

As Ivan Brkljac, a project leader explains “ We offer an ideal place to get away from the large city hustle and bustle and focus on your work. Even though Mokrin House is in the rather remote countryside, you will feel anything but isolated. We offer the chance to connect with like-minded people, such as other digital professionals who tend to enjoy a work-life balance in such rustic places”.

Mokrin House is a place for freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, who are looking to get away from the sprawling cities and enjoy living and working in the countryside, for 2 weeks up to 2 years.  It’s also a kind of co-living space that works as a hostel or a hotel offering 3 homemade meals per day and a number  of room types  from those hostel -like  to luxury rooms.

In your free time you can drink coffee, take part and organise workshops, seminars, cooking classes, movie nights, explore Vojvodina, go bike riding or during the summer use the swimming pool.


Since the most of the rural areas in Serbia have faced economic decline in the last 20 years this project is also a good opportunity to revitalise rural regions, bring new people with ideas from all corners of the globe and promote Serbia’s rural tourism.

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Photo credits Relja Ivanic 

“There are several positive effects a coworking space in the rural area has to the local community. First, and most apparent is the positive economic impact. We hire several people from the local village to work as employees and these jobs wouldn’t exist without the project such as this. Also, most people who stop by Mokrinhouse, usually purchase some of the local produce, such as excellent  cheeses or homemade rakija. Apart from the sheer economic benefits, the local community is always invited to take part in educational and cultural workshops and seminars, which has immeasurable non-pecuniary  benefits”, Ivan Brkljac goes on to explain for Coworking Europe.