Erdem Dilbaz and Osman Koç, multimedia artists from Turkey, will present themselves to the Belgradian audience on the opening of the new season of CG dialogues on April 16th, at 7.30 pm, in the gallery of KC GRAD. They will talk about their “Nerdworking” network.

As a team behind “Nerworking” network, which is one of the main performers in ecology of the creative industries in Istanbul, they will share their experiences that they had in the flake of this project and the network from the very beginning and ecology, symbiotic relationships and the way they collaborate and inspire each other.

NERDWORKING is a network project, found in 2009, focusing on the research and development to provide unique tools for artists, commercial, experimental and interactive media projects for public spaces.

Interdisciplinary network of designers, architects, computer artists, coders and engineers lead Nerdworking to divert production. The core team, consisted of several multidisciplinary artists, illustrators, designers, real-time animation designers, coders, mechanotronics, robotics and electronics professionals, emphasize on designing spaces for new experiences between human, machine and code.

GG dialogues are a series of lectures and discussions in the field of culture and arts with the aim to educate, raise awareness about the importance of non-formal education, sharing of experience and knowledge as well as developing critical thinking among young people. Sessions will be led by experts from home and abroad, once a month.

This event is organized by the City Guerilla in cooperation with KC GRAD and the support of the Goethe Institute in Belgrade.