Photo: Marko Radoševićphoto_by_Marko_Radošević


CZKD (Centre for Cultural Decontamination), Birčaninova 21

14. 03. 2014. at 20h

Performance, History, Action!

Arion Asllani

Stage Performing Art


Assistants: Ana Nesimovski, Jovana Dimitrijević and Marija Avramović

During the performance of Intrinsic Motivation at The Centre for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Arion Asllani intends to reach to the very limit of mechanisms of art performance by revitalising the form of conceptual art which he named ActionartActionart performance initiates political radicality through the sublimation of sports and art.

Belgrade artist, Arion Asllani, uses his own body to revitalise the forms of conceptual art.

He conects sports, musical and conceptual art performance into newly developed, radical stage art form. At first glance, it figures strictly as a form and shows itself to the viewer liberated of any politics; therefore, it deceives superficial spectator through extreme and cold expression of the artist, estranged in his radicalism. If the viewer still manages to break through the „the sound barrier of appearance” of Aslanni’s stage form, it will be understood that behind this wall there is an actual political ontology, radical and invincible. It is simply the policy of motivation to act, not for some reward that artist might gain in return, but for mutual affirmation.


Former Asllani’s sublimations of sports and art in Actionart are well known to the Belgrade audience: he played inline hockey on the laminate floor in the BLOK gallery, simultaneously painting the reflection of historical representation of Van Gogh as a cultural construct of history of art (2012). Washing the dishes in honor of German art collector Julia Stoschek (2010) situates Asllani as an eternal feminist. Boobs Boulevard is his project of day and night casting plaster onto female breasts in the „Molding Room” at the Remont gallery (2009), the body which was the object of art, and now becomes the object for art.


Arion Asllani is an artist, born in 1980. in Belgrade, where he lives and works nowadays. He had ten solo exhibitions both in Serbia, as well as abroad and also several dozens of group exhibitions. Since early childhood he performed on the television, in the theatre, as well as many stage and theatre festivals as an actor, singer and performer. He is the member of ULUS (Artists’ Association of Serbia) and French association of artists La Maison des Artistes.


The purpose of the project  Performance, History, Action!  is to promote the performance – an art form that reached its peak in the period of Neo-Avant-garde movement in the 1960s and 1970s, which at the time was as usual practice of the art scene in the former Yugoslavia. The project runs a range of issues of relevance for the presence and the future of this art practice and its interpretation. It is designed as a combination of artistic creations, performances, theoretical and critical surveys of this practice and its history. So far, in the frame of this project following artists have realized their performances and programs:

Tomislav Gotovac „Paranoia View Art”, Jusuf Hadžifejzović „Čarlama Depot”, Slavko Bogdanović „Final Shot”, Živko Gvozdenović „Untitled”, Živko Grozdanić Gera „Ustav”, Sandra Sterle „Visiting Reality”.