do it together


Film projection at KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovica

Date: Saturday, 21/02/2015, 20 : 00

Supporting bands: Threesome & repetitor
After party programme presented by Mystic Stylez :
Feloneezy / Jackie Dagger / thinker

DIT  i
Organized by Kišobran & Mystic Stylez

An investigative film into the inner workings of the independent music community, it portrays experiences from the most relevant performers in the D.I.Y. of this time. This turns into a discussion about different approaches and styles to survive independently, all this combined with amazing live performances.

Steve Albini, Mark Mothersbaugh, Dan Deacon, Deerhoof, Tera Melos, FÖLLAKZOID, Threesome, Repetitor, Petrol, Las Kellies, Los Cripis,Shellac, Flux Information Sciences, Mike Watt, GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!, Goddard, Katadreuffe, Knalpot, The Ex, WOLVON, Polvo, Part Chimp, Space Siren, Devo, John Dikeman, Boštjan Simon, Aucan, The Shipping News, Chevreuil, Africantape, Defórmica, Frankenberries, The Sasters,Vrankrijk, Open Series, Nelson Can, Al Scorch, OCCII, OT301, Touch and Go Records, ZEA, Tristan Bechet, Bob Log III, Hauschka, Zsa Zsa Zine, LITE, RaaskalBOMfukkerZ, Bassculture Foundation, Piss&Laugh TV, Pony Pack, SUB071, SuperSizeShe, Narrominded, Terroreyes, BIGZ, EINDBAAS.

Tickets: 300 rsd