Beer culture is huge in Serbia. Apart from big beer producers as Zajecarsko pivo, Lav, Jelen and Apatinsko, Serbia is the home to various small craft beer companies such as Kabinet produced in the mountains of Kosmaj or Salto produced in a Belgrade workshop. Pale lager dominates in Serbia, and dark lager although quite popular is produced, but in smaller quantities.

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This is our favorite one. A bit hipster-like place in the bar district of Cetinjska St. in Dorcol. You can choose craft beer like Kabinet and Salto and try some new citrusy flavors. Music selection is oriented towards electronic music and prices are very affordable.

Address: 15 Cetinjska St. 11000 Belgrade 


If you fancy big pints of draft beer and concerts this is the right place for you. It is also located in Dorcol neighborhood, in a basement of a building. With a big selection of local and foreign beer brands 0.5 stands out from the rest of Belgrade bars.

Address: 30a Dobracina St. 11000 Belgrade 


Yes, it’s also located in the Lower Dorcol. Industrial appearance of Djura bar looks pretty attractive. Music is mostly commercial house and you can drink some nice foreign beer here or maybe just some lovely Serbian wine like wine from Zvonko Bogdan’s vinery.

Address: 62 Venizelosova St. 11000 Belgrade 


A Retail shop and a tinny place where you can sit on the bar or just stand and drink your beer. The selection of beer is huge. You can try some foreign brands like Castle Malting, Mikkeller or just a local craft like Kabinet. The beer shop additionally sells equipment for beer production.

Address: 18 Zorza Klemensoa St. 11000 Belgrade 


Another Belgrade’s standard for big drinkers. Samo pivo in English means Only Beer. So as the name says it’s a local bar where you can choose from a great variety of beer, standard ones or craft.

Address: 13 Balkanska St. 11000 Belgrade