In this article we have selected several interesting and a bit peculiar shops that offer various items from Serbian truffles and antiquities to spices and homemade perfumes.


The perfume store SAVA stands in the cobbled street named Kralja Petra-the King Peter Street in Dorcol historical. This family business was established in 1941, just few months before the outbreak of the Second World War. However, after the war communists came to power and banned private business so the shop had to close. Meanwhile, Yugoslavia started to peruse a more liberal phase of communism, and the store was reopened in 1952 and remained in 75 Kralja Petra St. until today.

The shop is tiny and full of various little bottles. Nenad, the owner, sells ready-made perfumes or he can make something according to your taste, like a custom-made.  Drop by this little museum-shop and purchase unique fragrance!



This colorful and extraordinary shop stands in 10 Kneza Sime Markovica St. REMAKE is a small cabinet of curiosities. A genuine paradise for lovers of unique home decor and fashion design. One can find various products from plates and teacups, bowls, mugs and cookie jars to pillows, aprons, notebooks and greeting cards. All pieces are little artworks, individually redesigned and reinvented and accompanied by sublime graphic messages with a twist of ironic surrealism.

bombondzija bosiljcic


Well-known candy shop is cosseted away among the historical buildings in 14 Gavrila Principa St. The shop was found in 1936 by Bosiljic family. Candies and the bestseller ratluk (Turkish delight) are made according to 80 years old family recipe. Methods of production, such as cooking on an open fire and using only natural ingredients, have remained unchanged from the start. Products are made from natural ingredients and use traditional recipes without chemical additives.The interior appears rustic as well.

spice up shop
Spice up shop


This shop sells spices from around the world. An incredible selection of over 150 different spices, herbs, salt, pepper, chill pepper and spice mixtures that many of us cannot but be impressed with. Spice Up spices are the little supplements that make a big difference in nutrition. The idea was born with the desire to sell spices which are used in all the world’s great cuisines and international dishes. This is the very first store of the sort in the city of Belgrade. Chili threads, rose buds, Himalayan salt with flowers, Ceylon cinnamon sticks. Spice Up or mix a small part of the offer of spices that contribute not only to taste but also the unique looks of any dish.

The store stands in Belgrade Design District in Cumic St. local 21.

damar tartufi
Damr Truffle Shop


Damar truffle shop is just round the corner of Skadarlija Bohemian quarter, tucked away in 2 Zetska street. If you walk around this quarter of Dorcol historical you can sense the fragrance of fresh truffles coming from this tiny peculiar shop that offers variety of products made with the most luxurious mushrooms. Truffles have been used in nutrition since the ancient times, in Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and Imperial Rome and according to the legend truffles were considered ‘the food of the Gods’ invisible for humans. They have become widespread in the 19th century Serbia during the rule of King Milan Obrenovic, when they were widely served on the court menu. Since 1991, around 200 truffle sites were discovered in Serbia among which are 13 types of truffles, including the most famous and expensive white truffle. These luxurious mushrooms are found along the Sava or Mlava River and their nutritional qualities are equal to those of the Alba white truffles.

Damar truffle shop is an ideal place if you are looking for unique gifts or if you are a lover of delicate flavours. Treat yourself with wine, cheese and chocolates with truffles or other gift packs!



Hidden porcelain workshop and store is located in the 4a Zetska street, in the Upper Dorcol. This cool and colorful store sells hand-made porcelain items, all made in great details. Here one can find dinning services, espresso cups, jars, ashtrays and small bowls and similar items. The owners organize workshops “Make your own mug” or “Plate and bowl”. After the workshops made objects are left to dry and participants can pick them up in the following days. If you are looking for unique wedding gifts Boya porcelain store can be a perfect choice!

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The most interesting antique shop stands just a across Boya, in 13 Zetska St. In the vintage interior one can find a bunch of peculiar objects from the time of Yugoslavia and even the kingdoms. The store sells carpets, porcelain, tools, ethno clothing, dolls from Yugoslav department stores. This store with eclectic collection was visited by a famous writer Orhan Pamuk and music star Debbie Harry (Blondie).

If case you wish to find more similar shops try booking our Coffee & Design shop tour.