For this special occasion WAXX TRAX label and DJ collective and Drugstore club will be joining forces to bring you the most sought-after and cutting edge artists of our time. And guess what? The entire club will be activated!Party will take place on the 16th of December from 11 pm.  

It’s been four years since the night that started everything for WAXX TRAX and this is the night when we celebrate!


In Aeternam Vale (Minimal WaveDEMENT3D)
nthng (Lobster ThereminMörk)

Luuk De Jung
Matej Rusmir
Dušan Lilić
Vladimir Savić b2b Rope
Doo B2B SMT#nG

DJ Lil Taty
Poor Henry


In Aeternam Vale was formed in 1983 by Laurent Prot and Pascal Aubert. With recent releases and reissues on labels like Minimal Wave, Jealous God or Contort Records it has become more clear how much of an impact Laurent’s unique mixture of proto-techno, EBM and synth pop has had on producers nowadays. Only some musicians who make music that is about three decades ahead of its time get a true revival. IAV got a new chance to travel the world and present his analog synth sound freak show to new audiences. Drugstore’s program department has stated in an interview that hearing IAV in the Big Room would definitely be a dream come true. So look at us having our dream come true.


Very little is known about mysterious Amsterdam producer nthng, but those who have been enraptured by his hazy, emotive and driving productions have only touched the edge of a vast shrouded techno landscape. Inspired by the early days of techno and trance, before it became a dirty word, nthng’s sound blends a heady mix of murky, undulating, tectonic drum work alongside drifting, melodic synth lines that melt into the 6am sun. His initial EPs for Lobster Theremin sub-label Mörk showcase a darker, almost ethereal style, while his 3LP album hits hard and explores higher BPM terittories. Latest Delsin release “Turn To Gaia” captures a dubbed out adventure on vinyl, available for you to enjoy!


The two headliners will be accompanied by a selection of diverse DJs and local live acts in all of Drugstore’s rooms. Happy B-day WAXX TRAX!


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Close your eyes and see you on the dancefloor…

600 RSD | BEFORE 01:00
800 RSD | AFTER 01:00