From the most famous house and techno at the Tube in Dorćol and commercial touch of Plastic to underground places such as Drugstore in Palilula and a number of rafts on the bank of  the Sava river, Belgrade is  home to many clubs. To be honest, It’s certainly not alive throughout the whole week and it certainly is neither Berlin, London nor Amsterdam, but at times it offers a lot. Parties on the various locations, from Dom Omladine and DEPO  to 20/44. Clubs such as the Tube ,KC Grad, Drugstore and boat 20/44 have hosted very many big names from the electronic music industry. There are two seasons, summer/spring and fall/winter, during the summer/spring season rafts on the river Sava take charge, whilst the majority of clubs in the city are closed waiting for cold weather to start all over again with new line-ups. Belgrade club scene tends to change in a fleeting moment, one year some clubs are hip, while  the next are totally the thing of the past  or closed down. Belgrade has many emerging DJs and music producers and some already well established artists as Marko Nastić, Lea Dobričić, Dejan Milićević, Filip Xavi, Tijana T etc. This city hosted the very first Boiler room party in SEE region during Mad in Belgrade music festival.  So, do check out our selection of Belgrade’s best clubs and just so you avoid long queues in front of the main stream clubs, booking tables or booths we recommend that you should contact Belgrade at Night Service.

In addition to the aforementioned services you can also make free reservations through, book a table in your favorite club through the website and get informed about the latest happenings in the city. 

bg na vodiiii     20/44 

 This popular Belgrade splav (raft) is located on the banks of the Sava river. Mercifully it works all year round , regardless of the weather conditions. This is my favorite place to go clubbing, especially in the summer season when the dance madness kicks off on the boat deck. The raft offers a good music selection ranging from Detroit techno and soulful to disco, funky, house and dub step. 20/44 hosts one of the best clubbing nights in Belgrade, called Disco not Disco featuring  local stars DJ Brka, Toshke, Schwabe and other special guests. During the summer months the splav offers a wonderful view of the old city and bridge at night, when all the lights are on. In the morning hours you can catch one of Belgrade’s breath taking sunrises. Over the winter, parties are held under the deck, where it’s warm and cosy no matter how cold it is outside. The atmosphere is always super sexy:  red lights, a few screens and lots of smoke. Splav 20/44 hosts the best local DJs and also world famous stars such as Detroit techno-master  MikeHuckaby and trendsetter Nicolas Jaar. The crowd is friendly and relaxed. The entrance fee is between 2 and 4 euros, and drinks are quite affordable.

                                   Location: Savski kej BB, 11070, New Belgrade

                                   Open Thu-Sat 


14705827_1807629406160032_1818305125067531156_nCLUB GADOST

 Since the legendary Tube is now closed parties with the same concept have moved to Gadost club which is located in the Savamala borough on the same place where Mladost, Ludost and restaurant Radost have stood for a few years now. Music seems to be directed towards techno, deep and tech house. Here you can mostly listen to local DJ collectives and sometimes some bigger foreign names.

 Location: Karađorđeva 44, 11000 Belgrade





KC Grad is a multi-functional space for various events ranging from parties, concert, art exhibitions, fashion shows, movie projections, workshops etc.  In a nutshell  is a ‘cultural center’.  The space is powered by Cultural Front Belgrade and the Amsterdam Felix Meritis Foundation. It’s located in an old warehouse dating from 1884, in an inner-city  former industrial zone known as ‘Savamala’. The club is a favourite haunting place for Belgrade hipsters and art lovers, and in broad daylight  it functions as a coffee bar. KC Grad has hosted many super trendy musicians and bands such as the NYC underground band Jessica 6 and  artists from Cologne Kompakt label. It is definitely a place worth a visit.

Location: Braće Krsmanovića 4, 11000, Belgrade




Since Peron in Savamala is closed we present a brand  new club with similar concept called Kenozoik. It is situated in a new clubbing district of Cetinjska St. in the downtown of Belgrade. Music section ranges from alternative, rock, pop to house and techno. Club offers two stages with different music, live gigs and movie nights. Prices are descent and the crowd is casual.

Works from Thursday  to Saturday

Location: Cetinjska 15a, 11000 Belgrade





Trendy, up-market club is located in one of the pillars of  Brankov Bridge. It has a refined and quite beautiful interior, which was designed by architect Đorđe Gec. Brankow’s location is unique, representing a fusion of urban, industrial and avant garde. Similarly its music selection is also quite distinctive, from hip hop to house. The crowd tend to be somewhat older than in the rest of  Belgrade’s clubs (+30). The club has been designed for well heeled people, so the prices tend to be high.


Location: Crnogorska 12, 11000 Belgrade  



Bar Mladost looks like a mini Tube with a very similar interior, created by architect Đorđe Gec, with the same clearly defined lines, concrete and wood. It also offers the same music selection as the Tube, from tech and deep house to funky. Popular local DJs, such as  Peppe and Tijana T play here on a regular basis. It is connected with the other two venues:  Bar Ludost, the new club Gadost and Radost restaurant. During the day Ludost works as a regular coffee bar.


  Open Thu-Sat 

  Location: Karađorđeva 44, 11000 Belgrade


bitef-noviBITEF ART CAFE   

Bitef Art Cafe famous Belgrade club is now situated in Palilula near the  city centre. With its  beautiful interior , all’ pretty and done up’ crowd and mostly all  live concerts seems to have gained a rather good reputation among Belgradians. Here you can catch live gigs from Depeche Mode Tribute Band and various local pop bands to Nicola Conte and Brand New Heavies. Music is all to do with  funky, soul, jazz and pop. Prices are decent and the crowd is  25 +. Before the concert you can warm up at Enso restaurant which stands next to the BITEF and is owned and run  by the sister company.

Location: Mitropolita Petra 8, 11000 Belgrade 


drugstore  DRUGSTORE

We are proud to present Belgrade’s techno cathedral Drugstore. The “new” Drugstore found its place in the former industrial quarter of Palilula municipality. After the great success this underground club had in Beko building in downtown, they started a new concept in this new riveting venue which is a far cry from Berghain Berlin though, dark, raw and rough around the edges, situated in what used to be a  slaughter house. Space is big (600 m2), it can accommodate up to  1000 people and it includes wide cathedral like room and corridors. The owners, some local guys, usually host big names from underground electronic music scene and throw  parties on two stages. Brace yourselves up  for techno, underground house and alternative bands from local and international scene.  Let me drop a few names: Molly Nillson, Dasha Rush, Xanax, Trax, Elektrabel, Jor, Dimi Angelis and many more. Drugstore is  an independent club, supports artists and local DJs as Filip Xavi, Tijana T, Grof, Banda Panda etc. It’s open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Location: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova, 11000 Belgrade 


dragstor playDRUGSTORE PLAY

Yes, there’re two Drugstore clubs in Belgrade but with completely different concepts. Drugstore Play is one of those trendy and hip barges on the river where you need to follow certain dress code, make a reservation and enjoy “hot” nights. Here you won’t find “Berlin” but you will find “fancy” Dubai kind of fun.

Music is usually house, R’n’B’ ,tech house and electro and it works all year round.

Location: Savski kej bb, 11000 Belgrade 




Hot Mess is one of those trendy spots on the river. You can drink cocktails and champagne and have a splash or two  in the pool. It works only in the summer season, round the clock. This is one of those what some call poser places in Belgrade where prices tend not to be low and where everybody is eyeing one another with somewhat goggling eyes. Music is mostly commercial and deep house oriented. The club has a small swimming pool so bring sun cream, bikini and get ready for party and drinking cocktails.


Location: Ušće BB, near Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade




Lasta comes from the team that signs the city’s famous clubs “Brankow”, “Mladost” , “Ludost” and the “Tube” and the concept will be a mixture of the same kind. Lasta stands opposite the Belgrade fair and tends to promote more commercial electronic music. Music program includes performances of well-known Belgrade DJs as: Pookie, Peppe, Goran Starčević, but also foreign DJ guests, mashup nights and hip hop nights. Designwise the interior of the club is signed by a famous Serbian architect Djordje Gec.

The best event Lasta hosts is on Sunday matinee that kicks off around 6 o ‘clock.



Along with 20/44 and Sound this is the coolest splav (raft) on the river. Here people can feel the real summer vibe of  the city. It is always quite crowded, so be patient and be prepared to queue to get in.  Povetarac offers a variety of music styles such as drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop, pop, house and mash ups. The atmosphere is really welcoming and people are friendly. There are also often a lot of foreigners here. Prices are cheap and almost everybody drinks beer and rakija…cocktails are totally not trendy!

Location: Brodarska BB, 11o70, New Belgrade




In case you would prefer to get to know inner city areas better and experience Belgrade like a local we suggest to book Creative in Belgrade or Dorcol for Lost & Found tours

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