The idea behind Belgrade Design District (Cumicevo sokace) is to mix and blend design, fashion, arts and crafts – a well-known concept in cosmopolitan cities worldwide, but also to promote innovative Serbian fashion designers and to present this social phenomenon to customers in one place in downtown Belgrade, which comes across as a phenomen similar from high street and its passing trade but the one bears much resemblance to it as opposed to hypermarkets.

BDD tends to offer unique fashion and design items. Some of them were pieces from collection at Belgrade Fashion Week.


_photo Boris Jovanovic
_model Liz Meminger
_sako Zora Jadran
_pantalone B__e__b__a

The fashion rooms are small and cosy, and the shop assistants  more often than not tend to be the fashion designers themselves. If you see something  that you seem to like but don’t have the money to buy it right away, no worries, as it’s possible to order  the same or a similar item at some later point.


_photo_ Boris Jovanovic
_model_ Liz Meminger
_choker_ Selena- be the Goddess of the Moon
_helanke i bodi_ Mo Clothing
— with Liz Memingerand Mo Clothing.

Remember to visit All nut store at the very front  into the’ district’, but also Bartselona gallery at the first floor, Spice me up store, a tiny little gallery selling ceramics, Pokret concept store, Get Up, Redesign, Mimi concept store and Budislava shoes and clothes.


Location: Čumić, – enter via the Nušićeva Street passage, 11000 Belgrade 

Open Mon-Fri 12-20 pm Sat 12-17 pm