“All nut” is one of the most authentic and creative shops in Belgrade. It’s an oil workshop, eco art, and complete with a gift shop at the same time.

Hand made products, natural materials and redesigned furniture created in traditional ways of manufacturing are the raison d’etre  of the concept that  insists on the high quality and aesthetics.


Cold-pressed edible oil from the plum seeds, apricot seeds and nuts, handmade cosmetic products such as: soaps, creams, serums and ointments for skin care, body lotions, massage oils (sports, relaxation and erotic) and the beeswax candles are part of the selection that this shop offers.

In a nut shell, “All nut”  recycling is a standard process in the production as well as in interior design, which makes the visual identity of the shop rather  rustic and eco friendly.


Čumićevo sokače, shop No. 25, 11 000, Belgrade