We have written a lot about outdoor music festivals starting from Exit and Love fest in Serbia to Southern Soul , Electric Elephant  and Love International in Montenegro and Croatia on the Adriatic coast so today we’ll be featuring some fashion and style ideas how to dress up for  an outdoor music festival.

From what we’ve gathered from our experience so far , the best way forward is to choose some authentic but cosy outfit  which you can dance in and have fun all night and day long, otherwise you will make an impression of overdressed and inexperienced party goer without any sense of style whatsoever.

festival fashion

You can start with picking tops such as some cool graphic T-shirt and combine it with jeans or baggy pants that are really comfy for moving and dancing about. Also, you can pick some of these cool dresses from RebelsMarket that offers a bunch of interesting fashion items.

Lest we forget the accessories are also rather important because they can make your life much easier if you are walking through the crowd or sitting on the beach or grass somewhere in the forest. So our suggestion is to pick one of those belt bags which look stylish which also keep your money and belongings safe all the time.

When it comes to shoes I would personally pick legendary Converse All stars  or Adidas originals which provide maximum comfort and on top of that sneakers may well look great. For those who are not into sneakers, leather boots could be the right choice.

If you feel like wearing a head dress or a head garment, you might like to try one of those timeless black urban caps or in case you are up for some limelight for yourself  in the crowd you can put a more extravagant hat.

For guys we would suggest picking men’s Leisure Lace Up Pants Joggers or some more stylish Glit Accent Black Baggy Sweatpants.  Some cool graphic T-shirts can be also a great choice for guys or maybe a Hooded Casual Black T Shirt.  When it comes to shoes we think that guys look the best in sneakers.

You can change as many outfits as you like; each new night is perfect for a new outfit. Just be yourself and don’t follow the crowds so the fun is guaranteed.