In collaboration with the BEYOND HOUSE crew that has, in the past 3 years, been responsible for unforgettable events with guests such as: Dubbyman, Marcellis, Lucretio, Bu$$, Richard Zepezauer, Demetrio Giannice… Drug§store will host no other than the ultimate magician himself, Intergalactic Gary from The Hague + the shadowy Aurora Halal from Brooklyn, on Saturday June 28th.


▀ The story of Intergalactic Gary begins with the italo disco scene, illegal parties in the 80s in The Hague, pirate radio stations and the BIG Intergalactic FM family which is one of the most influential factors in contemporary dance music and whose members are (besides I-G): papa I-F as the founder, DJ TLR, Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, David Vunk, Cliff Lothar, Roberto Auser, Ian Martin and many many more. This group of dedicated people are preaching about the best music out there straight from the Viewlexx tower in The Hague. With 30 years of experience and an absolutely flawless music taste which he plays strictly on vinyl, Intergalactic Gary has won his reputation with his unpredictable (and we mean UNPREDICTABLE), optimistic sets that celebrate the beauty and diversity of releases that span from the early 70s till tomorrow. When he mixes, Intergalactic Gary tames all that music into a fairytale in which you as a dancer are the main character. Besides being a unique DJ, some highlights in Gary’s career would be the collaboration with I-F in The Parallax Corporation, the acclaimed album “Cocadisco” and the superhit “Loneliness” which they released under their The Conservatives moniker on Viewlexx in 2003.

We suggest you begin your Intergalactic Gary warmup on his Intergalactic FM page where 23 I-G mixes are waiting for you:


Intergalactic Gary MIXES:
Creme Podcast

LYO#012 Paris

Plastic People, London

BSMNT, Zagreb


▀ Aurora Halal comes from Washington, DC and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a producer, video artist & creator of Brooklyn’s Mutual Dreaming party series. Shadowy & minimal, her hardware live sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity. She’s spent the last two years touring Europe, performing live music and analog video. She has worked as a video editor at Vice, and is now freelance with many projects including video, photography, organizing dance parties and playing music in the band Innergaze. Aurora will play live + dj set at Drug§tore.

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▀ Local support:


Damir Zekiri


▀ Small Room:
Mystic Stylez Techno Allnighter

Kettle Lakes//


+ special guest Dead Ravers Society//


TICKETS: 400 rsd before midnight / 600 rsd after midnight

▀ NEW ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58)