keep shelly in athens

Keep Shelly In Athens is most commonly described as an electronic/downtempo/chillwave duo, but we all know that using generic genres can be a little bit misguiding. How would you describe your music and has the description changed over time?

When listening to our music, one can tell that we have many influences from various genres. We do not like labels in general. We think that the comment The Guardian, the British newspaper, made for our music describes it in a wonderful way: “They’ll make you happy to feel sad.”

There are a numerous references, comments and reviews in various corners of internet about KSIA, all from music blogs to major newspapers. What is your most favorite one? Have you learned anything new about your music after reading about yourself?

Whenever something is written in good faith, it is interesting to read and can sometimes make you see your music from a different perspective. However, we do not have a favorite or something like that…

You are performing in Belgrade for the first time in your career. Have you had a chance to visit Belgrade yet? What are your expectations about Belgrade and your first concert in 2015?

Indeed, it will be our first gig and our first visit in Belgrade. We have heard very nice things about the city and its people ad we are looking forward to coming!! We hope that everyone who will join us will have a great evening!

Your sound is very layered and complex on your records. Do you adapt your sound for live performances and how does the additional band members spice up the music?

Right from the beginning, we wanted our live performances to be enriched with additional instruments, such as the guitar and the drums. This makes them much more “lively” indeed, but also more interesting, I think. This particular appearance in Belgrade will be our most “electronic” one so far, because this time there will be no live drums, so there will be three of us on stage. It is going to be a challenge for us to bring out our electronic side more!

You have recently shared a beautiful new song titled “Fractals”. Can we expect more new music from you this year trough a form of an EP or album?

Thank you for your nice words! Yes, this year our second full-length album will come out (the first one with our new singer, Myrtha) and we are very excited about it. Before this release, some singles are going to come out too!

We very much like and follow the Greek indie scene, but all the input that we have is from the internet, so we are interested to know what is the situation for the indie bands in Athens and Greece now? Can you recommend us your favorite ones?

  1. Some of the names we like from the Greek scene are Ocean Hope, Melorman, Serafim Tsotsonis, Silly Boy, Astyplaz and several others…


Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you in Belgrade!