We will be able to read stories on Balkans within an Android-based app.

In order to keep marginalized stories and individuals from falling into oblivion, the regional association of citizens “Klub putnika” (“Travel Club”) has implemented the project “Maps of the Invisible Balkans” (“Mape nevidljivog Balkana”) this year. As of today, we will be able to read anecdotes, sketches, observations and memories publicly available on the website Invisible Balkans, on the go, using the mobile app. Whenever you find yourself near the site described in one of the stories, the application will beep and invite you to get to know  more about  curiosities of the location.

Stories about people, local legends, street art and awkard events that indeed occurred were placed on the project’s website. Stories are different from those commonly found on the official tourism websites and brochures. „Maps of the Invisible Balkans“ provide us with the opportunity to discover the stories other than those which are part of our everyday lives, providing us a sneak peek into history – not the one written by winners, but the history created  by the regular people around us, the history we hardly know .

What makes the project particularly interesting is the fact that it is interactive, and that each of us can be the author of the story. If you want yourself to be a chronicler of past times or a biographer of sorts and prevent  important stories about the little people from falling into oblivion.

The application can be downloaded in the Google Play store.

The project „Maps of the Invisible Balkans“  is the result of a partnership with the organization “Point of communication”, one of last year’s winners of the Superste competition, in which Erste Bank, and the Foundation Dokukino, support projects inspired by the societal problems,  creating new contents in the field of culture, art and education.