If you’re yearning to purchase authentic fashion pieces hailing from Yugoslavia, or perhaps you’re keen on embracing environmentally-friendly options while bypassing fast fashion, the vintage and second-hand shops of this charming city are bound to captivate your senses. Allow me to be your guide, as I present a concise yet informative exploration of the world of second-hand and vintage clothing in Belgrade. Get ready to uncover a treasure trove of unique and sustainable fashion finds in this enchanting city.


Introducing the pioneer of vintage stores in town – Jane Doe. If you’re on the hunt for rare treasures dating back to the period of 1920-1990, a visit to Jane Doe’s vintage store is an absolute must. Located at 17 Kapetan Mišina Street in the historical district of Dorćol, this hidden gem promises to transport you through time with its remarkable collection.

Beyond vintage fashion, Jane Doe boasts an intriguing assortment of old appliances, household items, and a diverse array of exquisite jewelry Prepare to be enthralled by the charm of the past as you explore this delightful emporium of nostalgia.



The owner’s passion for vintage clothing blossomed from the cherished memories of her mother’s and grandmother’s attire. Their timeless style became the driving force behind her venture, and thus Pinklla was born. With meticulous care, Jelena handpicks each piece that graces her shop, ensuring they are not only well-preserved but also of the highest quality.

Pinklla’s curated collection is a treasure trove of fascinating finds, ranging from trousers, trench coats, t-shirts, and jackets to sunglasses and vintage jewelry. Every item exudes a unique charm, harking back to the golden days of fashion.

For avid vintage enthusiasts, Pinklla is an oasis of rare discoveries. The pursuit of valuable rarities is a never-ending journey for Jelena, and her dedication to providing exquisite vintage pieces delights all who step through the doors. One can revel in the joy of finding original Yugoslavian brands like Mura or Nicolas, along with retro Scandinavian designs, transporting them to an era filled with artistic flair and grace.

So, if you’re seeking to embrace the elegance of the past, Pinklla beckons you with its enchanting assortment of timeless fashion. Explore the wonders of vintage clothing and accessories, each piece carrying a piece of history waiting to be cherished once more.



Discover another beloved destination for vintage enthusiasts – Smizla. Tucked away on the first floor of a residential building in the charming Upper Dorćol, this delightful shop is a haven for vintage aficionados.

At Smizla, you’ll be thrilled to peruse an array of vintage dresses, sunglasses, glasses, timeless Levis 501, as well as various other models of jeans, shirts, and an assortment of vintage treasures. The best part? The prices are remarkably affordable, ranging from 10e to 60e, allowing you to indulge in your passion for vintage fashion without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a seasoned vintage collector or a curious fashion enthusiast, Smizla promises a delightful shopping experience filled with unique finds and timeless pieces that will surely add a touch of retro charm to your wardrobe.


optika stanisavljev


Step into the past at Stanisavljev Optika, a true gem among family-owned optometrist shops in Belgrade, established all the way back in 1985. Nestled in Vuka Kradžića Street, just a stone’s throw away from the Moritz Ise artisan ice cream parlor, this optical boutique exudes a charming retro allure that is hard to miss.

Embrace the nostalgia as you browse through their extensive collection of vintage glasses and sunglasses, along with a curated selection of old books. Stanisavljev Optika proudly showcases some rare and sought-after models of glasses, the very ones worn by iconic figures like Tito and Le Corbusier.

While indulging in the history and style of these unique eyewear pieces, you’ll find prices ranging from 50e to 250e, making it possible to own a genuine vintage treasure without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that this captivating store operates with limited hours, closing its doors around 3 pm. So, plan your visit accordingly to experience the magic of Stanisavljev Optika and perhaps discover the perfect pair of vintage spectacles to add a touch of timeless elegance to your own look.


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