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Beton Hala-Concrete Hall in savamala

Photo by Sanda Vitorović

Beton Hala (Concrete Hall) is located in 2-4 “Karadjordjeva”Street, in the proximity of Savamala. It is near the Belgrade Port, at the Sava river. The existing Concrete Hall in the first decade of the last  century was extensively used for tourism, hospitality and commercial purposes, But with the tourism picking up as of recent the  citizens of Belgrade uncovered the great potential of Belgrade rivers. However the problem of connecting the center ( Knez Mihailova – Kalemegdan) and the Sava river is yet  unresolved. The main problems for connecting the city centre or Kalemegdan Fortress with the Sava River are the railway and a heavy  traffic, which is mainly due to  the trucks and buses in transit there. This problem is likely to be resolved in the near future by applying a modern architectural design and changing the looks of Concrete Hall.

Today,  Beton hala (The Concrete hall) represents a must visit “hotspot” in Belgrade and contains a few trendy restaurants: 

comunale restoran

Comunale restaurants is in one of the prime locations in the city.  The architects of the  ”project” known as Beton Hala or Concrete Hall at Sava Port have created a chain of attractive looking places, right here, on the Sava river. The creator of the interior design and concept of the restaurant Comunale, Aleksandar Rodić again have opted for a bold approach. The pioneering efforts of many Serbian restaurant owners and caterers alike to introduce community tables rarely seem to be brought to broad daylight. Still, here Alexander manages an uncompromising space full of just that. Sort of no compromise-approach. As the name itself suggests – meaning a gathering or a get together, the guests at Communale sit in throngs at the same table and make themselves at home because they are all there for one reason. They are here to sink their teeth in high-quality Italian specialties. The aesthetics is clean and monochromatic, as is the architecture of the space itself. Large spaces, monolithic structures, in line with the way things seem to be done here, with the central bar in the middle are all very Communale. Aleksandar has brought a mixture of steel and veneer to perfection coupled with chairs made of stainless steel and monolithic benches.


frida Cantina de Frida 

Cantina de Frida is a well populated place both in daytime and in the evening when it operates as a lounge as well. The concept of the restaurant is inspired by the life and work of famous artist Frida Kahlo. Authentic interior is the work of Ronald van Bersselaar, the Dutch interior designer who is behind all the famous Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. Interesting interior is complete with  the wide range of dishes from Mexico, Spain and Argentina. The small plates (tapas) and large plates are offered with lavish servings perfect to share with your significant others. All dishes are made with the same idea in mind: Feel free to enjoy every bite of the most mouthwatering  food and mind blowing drinks.


iguana restaurant  Iguana 

 Iguana offers Asian food, wine, interesting desserts and jazz sounds. Iguana’s food concept has remained unchanged. it is still relatively limited but authentic with its exotic food with a greater emphasis placed on Japanese cuisine. Grilled tuna with avocado salsa and tomato or steak with wasabi and figs are some specialties offered to name but a few. Hghly recommendable for dessert are date palm cake and chocolate soufle. The interior is quite modern and minimalistic and fits perfectly into the space of Beton Hala. White, black and gray colors prevail.


toro  Toro

Toro Latin Gastrobar is located in Beton Hala, right next to popular Belgrade restaurants Comunale, Frida and Iguana. It takes up two levels of a wide area that constitute the entirety of the interior composed of varied details. The interior is a mixture of different colors, materials and furniture that create quite an interesting concept. The first level offers a quite laid back atmosphere:  surrounded by walls of white brickwork and wood, multicolored wooden and plastic chairs, a comfy sofa, the wallpaper with wildlife design, chic chandeliers. installations and open kitchen. While, the second level is of a more acquired taste, not that vivid in choice of colors and is enhanced with a wine rack and a long wooden table for 12 people.

A renowned chef and owner of a restaurant chain in world capitals, Richard Sandoval set up  this restaurant in Belgrade with the concept of “small plates” based on Latin American tastes. Sandoval already has a chain of 26 restaurants with this concept, in Denver, Las Vegas, New York, Santa Monica, Washington, Mexico, Dubai and Qatar. The food is fresh and mouth watering and the prices are not exorbitant. The choice of music is quite good also and during the evenings DJs ‘show what they are made of’. So, we can say without fear of contradiction that this restaurant is urban, chic and hip and definitely a place  well worth visiting.


sofa-009 Sofa

This is also a quite new restaurant in Beton Hala.  Like the other restaurants it takes up two levels of a wide space with colorful chairs and large canvas hung on the wall. White and silver color prevail, but there is a tinge  of purple, green and blue furniture and vintage looking chandeliers lest it be monotonous.  One wall is made of wood featuring a quirky  wire sofa  propped up above on the wall. Prices are on average from 10 to 15 euros for the main dish and from 4 to 10 euros for the appetizer. Specialties are Beefsteak sofa, Sofa steak, duck breasts, tagliata and Ossobuco sofa. The choice of foods leans towards French, Italian, seafood and a little choice of  vegetarian food . Italian Gabrielle Gori is a chef of the restaurant


sakura Sakura

 Not so far away from the other restaurants mentioned earlier on, at the very end of Beton Hala lies Sakura. This is a lounge and a restaurant offering Asian cuisine and a variety of cocktails. It is well worth noting that food is exquisite;  for instance  they offer a very good sushi. Sakura is also a nice place for vegetarians and sea food lovers.

This restaurant takes pride in its elongated bar, very pleasant kitsch-free interior and elaborate detail. If you feel like having dinner, you’ll be well advised to make a reservation and enjoy warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Prices range from 10 to 20 euros per main dish.


In case you would prefer to get to know the inner city areas better and experience Belgrade like a local we suggest  booking Creative in Belgrade or Dorcol for Lost & Found tours

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