The Artistic – Production Group Museum Night announces that this year’s event in Serbia will be held on Saturday, May 19th. One of the most visited manifestations in the field of culture is held for the fifteenth time. The program’s theme of this year’s Museum Night is entitled Victories and Winners.

This year the whole world celebrate the end of the World War I. As in any conflict, one ultimately outcome as a winner, and the other as a loser. We belong to those who came out from the Great War as winners, but that will not be (the only) victory that 15th Museum Night will celebrate.

This year’s event aims to mark some personal, intimate and human victories as the overcoming of self – victory in life, art, enlightenment, culture, science, in everything that makes the world around us more content, more important and more valuable. 15th Museum Night will be inspired by rich heritage, which does not just mean the respect for tradition, but also innovations.

The program council of the Museum Night is consists of: architect and an academician Branislav Mitrović, director Nebojša Bradić and sculptor prof. Mrđan Bajić.

Next Museum Night will enable to go through the reflection of their own, small – great victories of life, to emphasize other progressive ideas, to color the „gray atmosphere“ of everyday life, to give a chance to vivid colorful people and events that marks history and once again to demonstrate that culture can win.


This time we will traditionally discover new spaces and speak unspoken stories, and for one night, the entire cities will turn into a museum. Museum Night is also part of the European Museum Night, which joined this initiative in 2006.

Museum Night is a unique cultural spectacle in more than 120 cities around the world, including Belgrade since 2005. The First Museum Night held in 5 Belgrade museums and galleries, managed to animate more than 4,000 visitors, while in the next fourteen years this number increase to an incredible 500,000 entries in museums in almost 200 locations in more than 60 cities and towns throughout Serbia. In the European Museum Night last year, more than 3,000 museums participated in 30 countries.

See you on May 19th!