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Several years ago a few friends from different professional backgrounds gathered together to open a restaurant which brought on a new concept of fine dining to a somewhat tarnished culinary scene of Belgrade. Inspired by the famous Danish fine dining restaurant and its cuisine they made something unique and different with a more Belgrade style. In a fleeting moment, Homa seems to have become a well-loved restaurant by the locals and the foreigners especially tourists and business people from Scandinavia and Western Europe.

It’s situated in the Lower Dorcol that seems to have become a very trendy part of Belgrade in the last several years when it comes to coffee culture, drinking, and dining. The interior design of the restaurant is simple, dominated by white color and light that has been achieved with the help of milky white lamps in the shape of a sphere. Black metal tables that contrast with white wooden chairs break the bleak and arid atmosphere of the restaurant. Inside, as well as in the garden, there is a large black and white bar framed with concrete.

fine dining restaurant belgrade

The location of the restaurant itself is quite unique. The industrial zone is just around the corner, but customers can feel as if they were sitting in the oasis of peace and tranquility. Specific menu, fusion cuisine, a mixture of flavors and tastes of local, European, South American, and Asian cuisines are the expertise of the main chef.

Homa is one of the first restaurants in the city launching a tasting menu of 8 courses with wine matching at the cost of 10.000 dinars which comes across as very affordable for lovers of fine dining concept.  Lest we forget the tasting menu can be ordered till 10 p.m

homa restaurant

homa restaurant

If you like trying something different from usual when it comes to food and treats all your senses with fusion specialties from fish, meat to the vegetarian menu as  Foie Gras Paté glazed with Porto Wine, poached pears and hazelnut bread or veal tongue 30 days treated and sautéed in bone marrow with shallot and thyme, palenta and pirotski kačkavalj croquette, creme fresh with horseradish and mustard ice cream or just tuna tartare and coriander creme fraiche, wakame salad with sesame in which case Homa comes as the right choice.

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